2016 Super Bowl Party
Scholarship Meister Tim Schaefer & GAPA Prez Mike Haas
President’s Message:

Super Bowl Party
As I assume the GAPA presidency for the next two years, I’d like to commend my predescesor Hans Hunger as well as his, Rory Trausch, Joe Kirchens and Roger Haas. Thank you for your many years of service to the GAPA. I’d also like to welcome John Huinker back as VP, John Meindl as Treasurer, Bill Ruck for replacing me as Secretary and Membership Meister, and Matt Schenatzki and Brian Righeimer as Sgt.s at Arms. Congratulations to Tim Schaefer (below pic) on his retirement after 30 years with Lincolnwood PD!

2015 Oktoberfest
We had another successful fest at Elmcrest Banquets. The Egerlander Walzers provided some classy entertainment in addition to the Paloma. Our deceased member Roy Handler had another huge family and friends contingent (6 tables) on hand as did our friends from GAPA Milwaukee. Thanks to all who came. Special thanks to Kris Hunger, Judy Brumley and all others for running another successful raffle. Also to Roger Haas, Brian Pyferoen and John Schuld of the O Fest committee; Tim Schaefer for running the GAPA Scholarships and Art Oswald for all the terrific pix.

GAPA Scholarship Recipients
Grammar School: Dakota Snow, Bryden Rosenbusch, Grace Grobner, Samuel Beilke, Markus Plywacz, Bradyn Grobner, Natalie Watts, Mallory Schwarck, Ava Marlo, Jillian Beilke. High School: John Svoboda, Brett Rosenbusch, Teaghan Sobor, Jacob Schmitz, Elizabeth Laskowski, Dylan Snow, Reilly Becker, Kaltyn Koch, Ryan Graber, Lauren Mikell.

College & Trade School: Casper Lauer $1,000 award: Katie Rosenbusch; Larry Vincent $1,000: Jason Hnatovic; Glunz Family $500 award: Brittany Svoboda; Hofbrau $500: Alex Graber; Presidential $500: Daniel Behles. Congratulations and good luck with your education! GAPA thanks the continued generosity of the Jack, Jerry & John Glunz Family and Hofbrau Beer, Inc.

GAPA’s Christmas Party
We had a nice party for our GAPA kids at the DANK Haus on 19 December 2015. We also received many clothing donations for Fr. Dan Brandt’s sister’s House of the Good Shepherd, I want to thank Joe and Elaine Stefanec for a great event.

Super Bowl Party
Our annual Super Bowl party will be held on 7 February 2016 at the DANK Haus (2nd floor). Doors open at 4:30. Plenty of free parking in MB bank’s parking lot at 4800 N Western. Remember, this fundraiser benefits our scholarship fund, so please support us by purchasing our raffle tickets. Grand prize is a trip for two to the Florida Keys at the Glunz Ocean Beach Hotel & Resort, flight and lodging included. Raffle tickets will be available at the January meeting or call Tim Schaefer (708 935- 9117). Super Bowl Squares will also be available at the January meeting or call Kevin Brumley (847 980- 3368).

Buying a square also gives you free entry. Otherwise, tickets at the door are $25 per person and includes food and drink. Let’s have some fun!

Health and Welfare:

Lord Hear our Prayers
GAPAmourns the recent passing of members Donald Markham (CPD), Edward Scharringhausen Sr.and Donald Maas Sr. (CPD ret.)and Herta Hunger, residents) was founded inthe heart of farm country in 1899 by German immigrants from Schleswig-Holsteinand continues to celebrate many of their traditions. GAPA Board member Jim Mathey celebrated the wedding of his son Jeffrey mother of Hans Hunger (Ehren President of GAPA.) We wish all our members and friends who weresick or injured to return to health and full activity, and if I have neglected to mention anyone, please accept my apologies. I hope for a new year in which this part of the article is blank as GAPA remembers those who shared many years of camaraderie and experiences.

I met and had coffee with the mayor of Schleswig Iowa, Bob Andresen, while travelling in November. The Crawford County Iowa guidebook says that this is the only town with this name in the entire USA and harkens back to the Schleswig Holstein area of northwest Germany claimed by both Denmark and Prussia. The dispute ended in a war which resulted in victory for Schleswig Holstein. This small town (900 residents) was founded inthe heart of farm country in 1899 by German immigrants from Schleswig-Holsteinand continues to celebrate many of their traditions.

GAPA Board member Jim Mathey celebrated the wedding of his son Jeffrey to Lindsey North at Tom Woods Aviation Hanger in Indianapolis, October 2015. This unique venue made for an interesting reception. Best Wishes to all!

As 2015 winds down GAPA will have some changes in the new year. President Hans Hunger, after many years of service and dedication to the organization will step down, while another long time stalwart, Mike Haas,who has served in many important capacities will serve as President. Many thanks and well wishes to Hans for all he has done and look forward to Mike’s leadership of GAPA.

Kris & Hans Hunger

Fr. Dan Brandt & Hans Hunger

Paul & Mary Kurtzner

George Volkl & Family

Dean & Andrea Kotlowicz, Tom & Dot Moritz

Sandy & Randy Jaeger

Ken Hauser

The Paloma

The Romanis

Bill & Sue Ruck & friends

Bill Grieb & wife

Roy Handler Jr., Hans Hunger & Rich Romani

Dave Dunham & wife

Ofest Emcee Roger Haas
Roy Handler (deceased 2015), we miss you!

Roy & Lillian Handler

Mike & Carol Haas

Jeff & Ming Schuck

Tim & Marybeth Schaefer & family

Irene Ruckholdt

Jusy & Kevin Brumley

The Walzers

Harold Brown, Rin Shogren, John Dineen

Tim Schaefer & John Meindl running raffle

Scott Krueger & wife

Pete & Rich Graber

Sue & Bill Ruck

We thank the generosity of the Glunz Family!

John & Jerry Glunz Carol Haas, Kelly Huinker, Bill Ruck

Sandy Jaeger, Ming Schuck, Audrey van Stockham

Joe Stefanec & John Huinker

Randy Jaeger & Roger Haas

Jeff Schuck, John Schuld, Art Oswald, Tom Hartwig

GAPA Christmas Party

Joe Stefanec playing Santa

Lillian Plywacz plays guitar

Art & Sharon Oswald

Kevin, Jake & Judy Brumley

Joe Scheiner & kids

Bob Watts’ family

Tim Schaefer, Joe “Santa” Stefanec, Joe Schreiner

Tim & Marybeth Schaefer & Family

Tim Schaefer Retirement Party

Joe Stefanec represents GAPA at Casper Lauer Memorial