2016 Super Bowl Party

Scholarship Meister Tim Schaefer & GAPA Prez Mike Haas

President’s Message:

Super Bowl Party
I want to thank Tim Schaefer, Joe Schreiner, and Kevin Brumley for all the work and effort that they put into this event; also to the Glunz family for donating prizes for our raffle and all who bought or sold raffle tix. It is only through the generosity—the time, efforts and financial contributions of our members and friends that GAPA can continue to thrive. See Art Oswald’s super pix!

Golf Outing
GAPA Golf Meister Joe Kirchens has set us up for 20 June 2016 at Rennwood Golf Course in Antioch. Try to get a 4 some and a hole sponsor as well. See our ads in the back pages of this issue of the Brennpunkt. Former Cub great, catcher Randy Hundley, will be in attendance.

Maifest is 3, 4, 5 June 2016 at Lincoln, Lawrence & Western. As last year, we will be doing light security at the fest by checking IDs at the gates and will need volunteers to work the security gates. Remember, the money we earn helps to fund our GAPA Scholarship Fund as well as all our other charitable donations throughout the year. Please give us a hand! If you haven’t made a meeting recently to sign up on our Maifest sheets or call me at 312- 420- 9919.

GAPA Picnic
Our annual picnic will be Friday, 08 July 2016 at Bunker Hill forest preserves. Soon you will be getting raffle tickets for the GAPA 1000. Please buy and sell some tickets. These not only help pay for the picnic, but covers many other expenses GAPA incurs throughout the year. It is also a chance to win some cash.

Dues increase
Because too many GAPA members don’t buy or sell any of our fundraising tickets, either for the Super Bowl Scholarship fund or the GAPA picnic raffle, and because of the rising costs GAPA has incurred in recent years, the GAPA Board of Directors has voted to raise all membership dues, active police, retired police and non- police members, to $30 annually. This will go into effect on 01 Oct 16, when 2016 dues expire. The GAPA regrets this increase, but the fact remains that the burden of supporting our association throughout our calendar year always seems to fall to only about 15% of our membership.

GAPA Road Trips
The Annual GAPA Chicago/GAPA Milwaukee Tailgater for the Norbert Holzinger Cup is on for 23 July 2016. Contact Tom Moritz {815- 464- 4665} for info. Total cost is $110 per person which includes round trip bus, bbq and Hofbraeu on tap at the tailgate which is situated right under the German flag in the parking lot of Miller Park.

This year, German Fest Milwaukee will be held 30 July 2016 at Henry Meier Park on Milwaukee’s lakefront. We are reserving hotel rooms for the weekend. For more information come to a meeting or call Tom Moritz.

Let’s keep it fun! Mike Haas

Health and Welfare:

Lord Hear our Prayers
GAPAmourns the recent passing of members Donald Markham (CPD), Edward Scharringhausen Sr.and Donald Maas Sr. (CPD ret.)and Herta Hunger, residents) was founded inthe heart of farm country in 1899 by German immigrants from Schleswig-Holsteinand continues to celebrate many of their traditions. GAPA Board member Jim Mathey celebrated the wedding of his son Jeffrey mother of Hans Hunger (Ehren President of GAPA.) We wish all our members and friends who weresick or injured to return to health and full activity, and if I have neglected to mention anyone, please accept my apologies. I hope for a new year in which this part of the article is blank as GAPA remembers those who shared many years of camaraderie and experiences.

I met and had coffee with the mayor of Schleswig Iowa, Bob Andresen, while travelling in November. The Crawford County I Denmark and Prussia. The dispute ended in a war which resulted in victory for Schleswig Holstein. This small town (900 residents) was founded in the heart of farm country in 1899 by German immigrants from Schleswig-Holsteinand continues to celebrate many of their traditions.

GAPA Board member Jim Mathey celebrated the wedding of his son Jeffrey to Lindsey North at Tom Woods Aviation Hanger in Indianapolis, October 2015. This unique venue made for an interesting reception. Best Wishes to all!

As 2015 winds down GAPA will have some changes in the new year. President Hans Hunger, after many years of service and dedication to the organization will step down, while another long time stalwart, Mike Haas, who has served in many important capacities will serve as President. Many thanks and well wishes to Hans for all he has done and look forward to Mike’s leadership of GAPA.

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2016 Super Bowl Party

All Pix: Art Oswald

Sandy Jaeger, Judy Brumley

Tom Weiland

Joe Schreiner, John Meindl

Tim Schaefer & Joe Schreiner

John Schuld, Renee Phillips

Bob & Maryann Issel

Anna Maria Loftus & Art Oswald

GAPA Christmas Party

Sue & Bill Ruck

Judge Anna Maria Loftus, Gerhard Stadler & girlfriend

Erich & Kris Hunger

Roger Haas, Judge Anna Maria Loftus, Ken Hauser

Jeff & Ming Schuck