President’s Message:

GAPA Picnic
Our annual picnic on 08 July 2016 at Bunker Hill forest preserve was a keeper. A nice turnout and a steady wind kept the heat away. John Meindl had fun filled day in store for all of us! Good to see Rory and Linda Trausch—in from Hawaii. We thank Art Oswald (pic r) for the job he did with the Picnic Raffle, but we still need more members contributing. This raffle funds the picnic—without it we’d have to charge a steep admission and much more for the food. We thank John, Joe Schreiner, John Huinker, Roger Haas, Jeff Schuck, Tom Rosenbusch, Tim Schaefer (pic l) among others who all helped to set- up, run and clean up. We, especially, thank Tim for running the Danielle- Marie Pisterzi Scholarship. Rachel Volkl, granddaughter of longtime member George Volkl, was the recipient of this award.

2017 Dues
Our 2017 membership renewals begin 01 October 16. Non- renewals will be dropped from mailing list/membership by 01 January 17.

Annual GAPA Chicago/GAPA Milwaukee Tailgater
The Norbert Holzinger Cup stayed in Milwaukee as the Cubs lost. A rainy day almost from beginning to end, but Tom & Dot Moritz and Pete Graeber & GAPA Milwaukee were excellent hosts on the bus and at Miller park.

German Fest Milwaukee
My wife Carol & I, Tom & Dot Moritz and John & Kelly Huinker marched with GAPA Milwaukee and enjoyed the festivities. GAPA Milwaukee also had a beverage tent from which they exhibited outstanding hospitality. Great to see former GAPA Milwaukee president Ray Fischer there.

GAPA Road Trips
GAPA is also planning to visit Wurst Fest in New Braunfels, Texas, a town in the hill country near San Antonio which was founded by German immigrants in the 19th century. GAPA has rooms blocked off at the Fairfield Inn in New Braunfels from Thursday to Monday, 3 to 7 November 2016. Tom says we have 20 people already signed up. See ad inside & for more information call Tom Moritz 815- 464- 4665}.

Visiting Police Officer from Mannheim, Germany Matthias Proehl, sergeant of Polizei Mannheim, will be studying the HBT procedures of the CPD during the month of October. He is working on a Masters degree in HBT in Mannheim. He will be joining us at the 11 October meeting and at our Oktoberfest Dinner Dance on 28 Oktober. Hope you all can meet and greet him.

GAPA Oktoberfest
Our signature event will be held 28 October, 2016 at Elmcrest Banquets. Another perfect opportunity to show some membership pride. Remember to wear your dirndls and lederhosen if you have them! It really makes the evening more festive. We will also be picking our GAPA scholarship winners that evening, so don’t forget to send in your applications before the deadline. See OFest ad and Scholarship App inside for more information. Nominations for the GAPA Board of Directors will be held at Okt/Nov meetings.

Health and Welfare:

It has been quite some time since I mentioned the subject of having a rubber backed bathmat in bathrooms. This past summer I fished with a man who told this story. He exited the tub slipped on a cotton bathmat and landed with his side on the side of the tub. This accident resulted in the fracture of several ribs. He told me that the only relief he could get for 6 weeks was to sit in a hard backed chair with his arms on the dining room table. I asked him just how did he sleep. His response was that he would put a pillow under his head and spend the night seated in the chair. Again, I say the bathmat in the bathroom must have a rubber backing.
George Mikell

The summer of 2016 is almost over and GAPA is looking forward to a busy Fall with meetings, elections, and the always anticipated Oktober Fest. Recent good news is that Ehren President Hans Hunger’ s son Eric is in the Metro class at the Chicago Police Academy for the Aviation Police. Joe Kirchen’s daughter Jennifer (Chorvat) has been blessed with twins, Ainsley & Zachary, our best wishes to the proud parents and grandparents.

Judy Glunz , wife of our good friend Jack Glunz is said to be doing better and at home, we wish her more good days and hope for her continued recovery. Tim Schaefer is having a procedure to remove the rest of his spleen, he’ s expected to have a full return to health and will be interviewing some of his other organs to have a resource to vent. Unfortunate news came to us of the passing of Brian Dillon, the brother of Kevin Dillon GAPA member and attorney. Donald Stephen Jr. II mayor of Rosemont will also be missed and we express our condolences to all of the families.

Although I missed the Von Steuben Parade all who attended said it was a great day with a wonderful brunch at Laschet’ s Inn, thanks again to Matt Lodge and the Emerald Society Pipes & Drums brought their exuberant energy and sound to the parade. The weather cooperated and the crowd as usual was large and supportive. An after party to recharge and cool off gave GAPA participants the second wind to to enjoy the German Day Festival.

The Baron Friedrich Wilhelm Von Steuben Steuben who served an important role in this this country’ s Revolutionary War of Independence is honored in many places and and while visiting Charleston South Carolina I Carolina I visited the Cold War Submariners Submariners Memorial Park just outside of of the Naval Museum at Patriots Point which which features a Destroyer, Submarine and and the Aircraft carrier “Yorktown”. Dedicated to the subs and crews who served served during this critical time the park had had a large representation of a sub and dozens of memorial benches including one for the SSBN Von Steuben # 632 a James James Madison class fleet ballistic missile sub sub which served 30 years from 1964 to 1994. So as you travel keep an eye out for for the ” Baron “.

GAPA Picnic

John Schuld family

Jim & Linda Mathey & Marybeth Schaefer

Kirchens family

Gerhard Stadler & John Meindl
mingjeffsandymarybethschaefeer.jpg” />
Jeff & Ming Schuck, Sandy Jaeger & Marybeth Schaefer

Issels & Moritzs

Pix: George Mikell

Koch family

Sue & Bill Ruck & Sue’s mom

John Glunz

Bob Watts & kids


Paul Heyden & George Mikell

George Volkl

Randy Jaeger

Rita & Jim Geoghegan

Dave Buntzen, Linda Trausch

Audrey van Stockham, Renee Phillips, Rory Trausch


Bob Miller & family